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The Tech M&A Podcast

The Tech M&A Podcast is presented by Corum Group, the global leader in tech M&A. The podcast features special reports on sectors, buyers, trends and M&A processes, as well as panel discussions and Q&A featuring both recent sellers and major tech buyers like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others.

Dec 16, 2023

Don’t miss our final Tech M&A Monthly podcast of 2023!

Are you still trying to decide whether you should raise additional funds or look at M&A for growth? What if you could look at both options simultaneously?  Join us on December 14 for our Tech M&A Monthly webcast for a discussion about “The Rebirth of...

Tech M&A Monthly Webcast: Tips for Successful Post-Merger Integration

Nov 29, 2023

Over half of all M&A deals fail to meet expectations because of improper planning and execution. This results not only in financial losses, but can also damage employee morale, corporate culture and brand reputation.

Join us on November 9th for Corum’s Tech M&A Monthly, “Tips for Successful Post-Merger...

Nov 29, 2023

Tech continues to be a bright spot in M&A. The number of Tech M&A transactions at the close of Q3 2023 is ahead of last year. Which sectors are getting the highest valuations? What kinds of companies are acquirers after? Which disruptive technology trends are driving deals in your sector?
Our special report this month...

Sep 16, 2023

Beware of M&A perfection. Are you hesitating to pursue an exit because you're waiting until your company is "perfect?" Waiting until the company is the right size, the new product is launched, or your next big contract signed? 

In this Tech M&A Monthly webcast, we'll debunk two common myths that prevent tech CEOs from...

Aug 12, 2023

Are you trying to determine whether your next step is to raise capital to fund growth and assure a sufficient runway or to look at an M&A strategy? Join us on August 10th as we discuss this important question. Plus, Corum CEO, Bruce Milne will share his insight into the most difficult word in M&A…No.